The Valley of Larraun

Lekunberri, the center of the valley

The Valley of Larraun  is a clear example of the Green Navarra. With exuberant nature, dotted with small villages of large farmhouses. A beautiful and elegant setting that seems to have carved the way of being of our people. The valley lies within the geographical region of the Mountain of Navarra, in the foothills of Aralar Natural Park, surrounded by beautiful beech forests. We always recommend the lovely walk to the nearby source of the Larraun River. Our craftsmen make quality products; cheese, curds, dairy, cider, pork products and beef, pate, homemade bread, pastry, honey, ... but also leather crafts, bookbinding, wood crafts, forging, ... These are some of the activities that can be performed: Visit the Sanctuary of San Miguel de Aralar, Mendukilo Cave, the Museum of honey and the ethnographic one of Arteta, climb the magnificent oaks and walk zip lines, hiking both PRs and GRs and of course the Plazaola greenway...
The visitor quickly perceives the warmth of our people. We like to tell stories, teach magic places and we like that people like our valley.

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